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Session in RC 32: III ISA Forum of Sociology Vienna 2016 (http://www.isa-sociology.org/forum-2016/)

Global Sociology and Feminist Perspectives on Care, Care Work and the Struggle for a Careful World

In times of contemporary economic, political and social change we are witnessing a fundamental restructuring of care and care work coming along with social inequalities. Different parallel, intersecting and/or interdependent processes can be observed:

– the commodification und rationalization of social reproduction, care and care work by care industries and entrepreneurship, scientific and technological innovations (like care robots, social freezing)

– the commodification, de-commodification, and re-location of care between market, state, third sector, households, and networks

– trans- and international migration and migrants‘ work in global care chains and the care gaps in and between the societies of the Global North and South, East and West

– feminist/social protest and movements for a careful society acting between criticism of capitalism and struggling for a better life in social and ecological perspective

The session aims to bring together research from around the world. Questions are: How are care and care work reorganized and reshaped? What are its preconditions and effects in terms of social inequalities? What are the main theoretical and empirical perspectives, approaches and results of research in different parts of the world? How are sociological and feminist approaches on care and care work challenged to bring the local and the global together? What can and shall a global sociology and feminist perspectives on care and care work afford in the context of civil society’s protest and social movements?

Deadline of abstract submission: September, 30th, online submission RC 32:



Prof Dr. Brigitte Aulenbacher, Section Feminist Theory and Gender Studies in the Austrian Sociological Association and Johannes Kepler University Linz, brigitte.aulenbacher@jku.at

Prof Dr. Brigitte Liebig, Committee Gender Studies in the Swiss Sociological Association and University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, brigitte.liebig@fhnw.ch

Prof Dr. Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Section Women’s and Gender Studies in the German Sociological Association and Justus-Liebig University of Gießen, e.gutierrez-rodriguez@sowi.uni-giessen.de

Feminisation of Labour Research Network

Decolonial Perspectives on Affect, Domestic Work and Migration in a Transnational Context

Workshop, University of Manchester, 2010

Workshop, University of Manchester, 2010

This research network co-ordinated by Dr. Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez (University of Giessen), UK, and Professor Jurema Brites (University Federal de Santa Maria), Brazil, aims to create a forum for exchange and debate on the question of feminization, transnational migration, affect and workers’ rights. In this spirit, we organized workshops and conference strands. In December 2010 we held our first workshop on the “Feminization of Labour: Migration, Domestic Work and Affect in a Transnational Context” at the University of Manchester. In April 2011, a continuation of this workshop was organised at the University Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil.

As a European-Latin American Caribbean network on the question of the feminization of labour in a transnational context we focus on six strands:

  • migration between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean
  • migration within Latin America
  • feminization, sexuality and coloniality of power
  • domestic work and affect
  • transnational and local domestic workers’ rights
  • decolonial feminist and queer theory
  • studies in cultural politics

The Network aims to promote the dialogue between Latin American and Caribbean scholars and European Scholars interested in feminist and queer theory, critical race studies, cultural and social theory from a decolonial perspective. It also engages with political campaigns on sexual, gender and workers’ rights, in particular, it supports the international struggle for domestic workers’ rights and migrant workers’ rights.

We publicize events and the publications of our members in order to strengthen the co-operation and exchange between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our network, please send an email to: femlabour@gmail.com

Make sure you have a look at our posts for the latest events and news!


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