[CfP] Call for Papers: Annual Conference, Warsaw, Poland

Call for Papers, 8th IMISCOE Annual Conference

Warsaw, Poland

September 7-9, 2011

Deadline for Abstract Submission: July 15th

Workshop 33: Domestic services and immigration: local expressions of a global ethnic niche

Nuno Dias, Dinâmia-CET (ISCTE-IUL), Lisbon, Portugal

Domestic services have historically played an important role in incorporating foreign workers into the labour markets of host societies. This importance has constantly been highlighted by specific literature along with references to the parallel growth of immigration and the cleaning and caring sector, as well as the growth in the proportion of foreigners in this field.

These workers are, above all, recruited in the informal market, in some cases with very erratic salary conditions and a habitual absence of social benefits.

Despite this unequivocal concentration of immigrant contingents in specific gendered sectors of the labour market and the consequent occurrence of processes of segmentation, disqualification and stigmatisation within these sectors with regard to these contingents, few analyses have been prepared to date accompanying the evolution of the sector and, above all, there is still missing in the field of migration studies an enlarged and consolidated debate on how this occupational segregation is evolving in different environments.

Therefore, the main objective of this workshop is to create the basis for an expanded debate on the intersection of gender and ethnicity and to reflect on how this it’s currently defining the particular sector of domestic services in receiving societies. How is this concentration influencing representations on migrant labour force? What are the differences between migrants and natives’ experiences and trajectories in domestic services? Is this convergence exclusively dependent of labour market constraints or is it also becoming a niche acknowledged and developed by immigrant networks? How is the growth of the formal business of care and cleaning providers influencing self-employed migrants on this sector? Are they becoming employers as well?

This is only a small sample of the questions that will certainly arise as important foundations for a comparative debate on the subject and that we are looking to see argued in the proposals for our workshop. Ultimately we will try to convey a limited number of articles to apply for a publication on the theme of paid domestic work and migration.

All proposals should be sent to nmfds@iscte.pt. The acceptance of papers will be announced no later than July, 20th, 2011


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