Dr. Sabrina Marchetti (EUIF)

Dr. Sabrina Marchetti, European University Institute Florence

Sabrina Marchetti

Sabrina Marchetti

Sabrina Marchetti is about to start (September 2011) her post-doc Marie Curie fellowship at European University Institute in Florence under the scientific supervision of Prof. Triandafyllidou. Between 2006 and 2010 she has been carrying out her PhD project at Institute for History and Culture of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, with a specialisation in the field of Gender and Ethnicity. In 2010 she has been post-doc visiting fellow at the GEXcel-Centre for Gendering Excellence of Linköping University in Sweden; and she has also been research fellow at the International Centre for Development and Decent Work of Kassel University in Germany.

Sabrina Marchetti has specialised on issues of Gender and Migration, with a specific focus on the question of migrant domestic work. From a comparative perspective, she has studied the case of Filipino, Eritrean and Surinamese women working in Italy and the Netherlands.

Recently, she has also worked as consultant for NGOs (such as CISP in Rome and IIED in London) and other research institutes (such as ISFOL in Rome) accumulating significant experience in policy oriented research and in organisation of events for the dissemination of research results. She has also collaborated with the Metoikos project on circular migration under the coordination of Nicola Mai, Metropolitan University in London (2010). She is also an active member of several feminist and anti-racist grass-root organisations and research networks group, at the European level. Among them the migrant domestic workers’ support group called RESPECT and the DOMESTIC WORKERS’ RESEARCH NETWORK.

Recent publications:

  • The gendered construction of a “caring Otherness” (with Francesca Scrinzi, 2011 forthcoming, CIRSDe)
  • Georgina and the others. Postocoloniality and Afro-Surinamese care workers in the Netherlands. OSO Tijdschrift voor Surinamistiek (2011 forthcoming)
  • Le ragazze di Asmara. Storia di una migrazione postcoloniale (2011 forthcoming, Ediesse)
  • When labour meets migration: the perspective of trade unionists and migrant activists in Italy (2010, ICDD Working-paper)
  • Paid domestic labour and postcoloniality: Narratives of Eritrean and Afro-Surinamese migrant women (2010, Utrecht University)



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