Dr. Bridget Anderson (Oxford)

Dr Bridget Anderson

Dr Bridget Anderson

Dr. Bridget Anderson (University of Oxford)

Dr Bridget Anderson is a senior research fellow at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford, with a particular interest in immigration and low waged labour markets (particularly domestic workers and au pairs), trafficking, immigration enforcement, citizenship and the politics of immigration controls.

Dr Anderson has advised government and international organizations, including the ILO, OSCE and ETUC. She has also worked closely with migrants’ organisations, trades unions and legal practitioners at local, national and European levels. In 2010 for instance she worked with the Migrants’ Rights Network to facilitate a two-day seminar bringing together academics and migrant activists with the aim of developing new ways of working together. She currently serves as a social justice adviser to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is a director of the group Justice for Domestic Workers, and on the management committee of the London-based domestic workers’ support organization Kalayaan.

Publications include:

Doing the Dirty Work? The global politics of domestic labour (Zed Books, 2000),

“Mobilising Migrants, Making Citizens: Migrant domestic workers as political agents”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 33 (1), 60-74, 2010

Should Governments encourage migration? A think piece’, Kasarinlan, Sept 2007

“Forced labour migration to the UK” London: Trades Union Congress, 2005.

“Trafficking and demand for migrant sex and domestic labour” Report For Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers (ASEM), May 2002.


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